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Meet the team


Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Shannon and welcome to my page!

I have been exploring different elements of media and content creation since 2008. As a high school student, I spent hours upon hours creating custom wrestlers in WWE video games. That passion eventually spread and I wanted to build my own assets and systems from scratch. I decided to start learning 3D design by jumping right into Google SketchUp. When I got to college, I left a full ride scholarship to chase my passion of Game Design. Eventually, I decided to pursue a college degree in Game Art at Full Sail University. For the past 4 years, I have been honing my craft by learning every single aspect of Game design. I had the opportunity to build video games for the Marvel Infinity War movie tie-in and also Augmented Reality experiences for the NCAA Football Mascots. After obtaining my degree in Fall of 2019, I made the move from Detroit, MI to Orlando, FL. This move was made to chase new opportunities, build new relationships, and get close to Profesional Wrestling.  


I am now a sole developer working on a Professional Wrestling video game.

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